About us

Our background

We have been working 18 years and 11 years with the EU regulations governing food, food supplements and cosmetics and know we have the knowledge to aid and assist you in the jungle that the regulations have become.

Many companies today feel that they are drowning in legal demands and that the resources needed to keep up with the ever changing regulations are becoming a strain.

Ingunn Egeberg, cand. pharm, have for 11 years been working with quality control of packaging material for food supplements. Ingunn was the director of Norsk register for Naturmidler (NONA), then moved to work as a quality director for BRN, the Association of food supplement suppliers. There she created a system for quality control of food supplements. Ingunn has detailed knowledge of the complex regulations that food, food supplement and cosmetics have to adhere to.

Turid Backer, market economist, have for the past 18 years been the leader of BRN, the Association of food supplement suppliers. In this period Turid have been working with political lobby, building relationships with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Norwegian Medicines agency and was strongly participant in establishing the Syse-list. The Syse list made it legaly possible, for the first time, to actually have claims on food and food supplements. Turid was a Board member of EHPM (European Federation of Health Products Manufacturers Associations) for more than 8 years and have followed the development of the EU regulations for the food sector very closely. Turid’s background is in marketing of consumer products and she has an understanding of the need for the commercial aspects.