Our services

To find the way in a jungle of regulations and directives it can be useful to get a little help.

From the food information regulation, label directive, additives directive, special food directive, the food law, the food supplement directive and the marketing law to the health claims directive and product specific claims. As a company marketing products you are expected to know them all.

To fully understand the whole EU legislation for the food sector is very demanding. How you should understand and interperate the various regulations and directives are not always clear, NOADS have the knowledge of how the Food Authority looks at this and also how other EU contries practise the legislation.

The EU is continuously working on new regulations, – regulations that will have an impact on your company and your products. The Norwegian Food Authority is also looking to introduce new local regulations for areas that are not covered by EU law. One of this areas is “other ingredients”. Other ingredients are defined as other active substances not beeing vitamines and minerals.

Norwegian Advisory Sercies can assist you in the following areas:

* Evaluate packaging material/labels
* Create the packaging/label text from a product fact summary
* Help create a product summary
* Prepare and/or be present when the authority are doing internal control
* Hold workshops for employees
* Evaluate/analyze products
* Evaluate and advice on marketing material